Ad Policy

General conditions

  1. All materials will be delivered on time.
  2. All activities are optimized for achieving ROI.
  3. The ads are intended for iOS and Android users.

Terms of payment

  1. The invoice is issued no later than 30 days after receiving the payment.
  2. Payment delay may result in the suspension of the implementation of advertising campaigns and the launch of new ones.
  3. Precise Advertising will issue an invoice in accordance with the business model adopted in Precise Advertising. If necessary, VAT will be charged.

Creation conditions

  1. Allowed banner creations: 300×250, 320×50, 320×480, 480×320, 728×90, 768×1024, 1024×768.
  2. Precise Advertising doesn’t accept advertisements containing:
    • illegal content or promoting illicit activity, violence,
    • content discriminatory group due to:
      • skin color or racial or ethnic origin,
      • sex or sexual orientation or gender identity,
      • age,
      • disability,
      • religion;
    • infringement of intellectual property,
    • deceptive, reminiscent of user interface elements or characterized by excessive animation, trembling, or a smiling,
    • viruses or spyware or malicious software.
  3. Precise Advertising doesn’t accept interchangeable tags that send different ads each time.
  4. Precise Advertising doesn’t accept JS pixels using iframes.
  5. The following ad attributes can be blocked:
    • provocative or suggestive images,
    • extremely flashing or trembling,
    • automatically developed,
    • pop-ads.
  6. It isn’t allowed:
    • automatically expanding rich media creatives,
    • variable tags that send different ads.
  7. Dating ads may not contain provocative or suggestive images or pornographic creations.
  8. Ads that replicate the user interface or system notification system are prohibited.
  9. iFrame creatives aren’t allowed.
  10. The AdDomain field must match the target domain and the image displayed by the user accordingly.
  11. Advertising is forbidden, which leads to sites with automatic redirection or action without user involvement.
  12. Good advertising practices:
    • the user sees the banner
    • the user clicks the banner
    • the user is redirected to the advertiser’s website, which contains explanation of the service, legal conditions, potential call to action
    • the user must click a call to action


  • application download campaign
    • acceptable – the user clicks on the banner, goes to the AppStore (the user sees the costs, legal information, description), the user clicks “install”
    • unacceptable – the user clicks on the banner, directly the applications are downloaded to the mobile device
  • subscription campaign
    • acceptable – the user clicks on the banner, goes to the landing page (the user sees the costs, legal information, description of the service), the user clicks on the call to action (eg subscribe)
    • unacceptable – the user clicks on the banner, the user is automatically subscribed without manual confirmation
  • click-2-call campaigns
    • acceptable – the user clicks on the banner, the pop-up window of the operating system appears with the pre-filled number with the field to call and the field of cancellation, the user calls
    • unacceptable – the user clicks on the banner and the connection is automatically performed.

Campaign conditions

  1. Requirements of subscription campaigns:
    • a written confirmation that you won’t activate the automatic subscription,
    • screenshots of landing pages on which subscription terms and fields of activity can be clearly shown,
    • conversion tracking system.
  2. Precise Advertising implements CPC campaigns, CPM, dynamic CPC (CPC optimization for achieving the CPA goal).
  3. Precise Advertising doesn’t carry out CPI and CPA campaigns.

Final findings

  1. If the above conditions aren’t met, Precise Advertising reserves the right to suspend the campaign. The Advertiser shall release Precise Advertising from liability for any damage resulting from the violation of the conditions set out in these Regulations.
  2. Disputes arising from the regulations or relationship between Precise Advertising and the advertiser fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of Warsaw (Poland).